Crown & Anchor

Patreon & Discord
August 2nd, 2018, 10:53 am
Hey all! I give out goodies to those who wish to support the comic on my Patreon!

Patreon Rewards and Perks
I offer the following:
• Vote in monthly Community Art Requests
• Mailbird Mondays - Early Access to Crown & Anchor pages
• Works-In-Progress
• Oracle Fridays - peeks at pages weeks ahead of the schedule
• .tiff files for coloring
• Digital merchandise
• 25% discount from our store
• Discord rewards (like equipment!)

Discord Rewards and Channels
My server, The Pirate Conclave, is open to the public. However, patrons ($1+) get access to channels that the public cannot, such as:
• Crown & Anchor Discussion
• Aventus Lore
• Behind-The-Scenes Content - Including concept art and back matter
• Book Previews - Patrons get to see completed pages from upcoming issues upon their completion!

In Discord, I also have a Leveling Reward System!
Pirate Conclave members and patrons may receive new roles and access to channels, as well as a drawing from me! Upon reaching a milestone level, I'll draw you a piece of equipment. There are six total you can receive, and they can be whatever you'd like - You can walk away with a full set of armor drawn just for you!